What is a STEM Major?

With its gaining traction across the educational space and workforce, most people are aware of science, technology, engineering, and math, more commonly known as STEM. Yet while most people may know about STEM and its importance, a common question arises around “what is categorized as a STEM major”?

Below is a list of lesser-known college programs that are considered STEM degrees:

  1. Forestry
  2. Wildlife and Wildlands Management
  3. Food Sciences and Technology
  4. Natural Resources Management
  5. Computer Science and Programming
  6. Web Page Design
  7. Athletic Training
  8. Optometry
  9. Respiratory Therapy Technology
  10. Veterinarian Assisting/Technology
  11. Environmental Control Technologies
  12. Surveying Technology
  13. Hazardous Materials Management
  14. Nanotechnology 
  15. Space Systems Operations
  16. Paleontology 
  17. Pharmaceutics 
  18. Business Statistics
  19. Industrial Drug Development 
  20. Actuarial Sciences

This list merely brushes the surface of the STEM majors you or your child can enroll in. Each of these are essential to the continued success of our world and its constantly changing landscape. It is important parents and educators recognize this importance and are preparing students properly for STEM degrees and STEM careers. This can be accomplished at home, in the classroom, or in afterschool programs. 

Outside of offering quality STEM education to these students, we need to be prepared to answer key questions that children may have as they move through their education. One of these is, what is a STEM major? 

This list was gathered from ACT and  NAFSA.  

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