10 Easy & Fun STEM Activities for Kindergarten

What is STEM Learning in Kindergarten?

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This is a commonly used term when talking about education and a set of skills used in the workforce. Parents and educators are focused on an early introduction to STEM concepts to improve STEM literacy and set children up for success throughout their education and future. Outside of the direct STEM benefits offered through implementing lessons in the classroom and at home, adding STEM to a kindergartener’s curriculum also helps improve social skills and other key 21st-century skills.

STEM Activities for Kindergarten Students

In this article, there are ten (10) fun, easy to implement STEM activities for kindergarten students that can be implemented at home, in the classroom, or during after school programs.

Coding Express by Lego Education®

Lego Education® has a variety of activities for each age group to get children interested in STEM. The Coding Express kit introduces children to coding and lets them use their imagination as they become engineers. This is a great option for pre-kindergarten or kindergarten students to prepare for elementary education and get them excited about learning.

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Walking Rainbow Science Experiment

The Walking Rainbow Experiment introduces kindergarten students to color theory and the scientific method through hands-on learning. Using minimal, common household items, children will watch colors transform over a 48 hour period. Kids will love this engaging lesson that will get them thinking critically about science and how this lesson relates to the world around them.

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Create Your Own Magnetic Slime

Children love slime! This three-ingredient magnetic slime recipe teaches kindergarten age students about science concepts, such as chemistry and magnetic pull, through active learning. After they create their own slime, children watch how the slime interacts with a magnet from different distances. This slime is long-lasting when stored properly and can create STEM fun over a period of days or weeks. 

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Stop Motion Video for Beginners

TinkerLab created an engaging lesson around stop motion videos to improve children’s technology skills. Using an iPad or iPhone and the Stop Motion Studio app for IOS, children will create their own video that makes inanimate objects appear they are moving. Children can use their favorite dolls, action figures, or stuffed animals to have them move however they want. This allows them to engage their creative side during the lesson while working on STEM literacy.  

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Light Up Terrarium

The Light Up Terrarium kit includes everything children need to create their own mock natural environment at home or in the classroom. Over a period of time, they will see their environment change and grow. This is a great introduction to earth science and will give children a better understanding of the environments they see every day. This is also an opportunity for parents and educators to talk to children about possible jobs in earth science that use the skills they are learning. 

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STEM Multi-Sport K-2

STEM Sports® is an education company that uses sports to facilitate STEM learning. The STEM Multi-Sport K-2 kit introduces children to key STEM concepts through basketball, football, golf, and volleyball. Each lesson uses a different sport to implement the lesson using hands-on learning to improve child comprehension and connect what they are learning to the real world. Another benefit of purchasing a curriculum kit from STEM Sports® is lessons connected with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and K-12 Physical Education Standards. This makes it the perfect addition to any child’s education and will connect to the skills they are learning in their core classroom curriculum. 

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The STEM Laboratory 5 Senses Activity Pack

The 5 Senses Activity Pack is a great foundational lesson to implement with kindergarten students to prepare them for future STEM lessons and their everyday life. In this activity, children will learn to make detailed observations using the five senses (hear, feel, taste, smell, and sight). This will give children the tools they need to think critically about the world around them, as well as skills used frequently as they continue their STEM education.

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Kids Bug Catching Kit

The Kids Bug Catching Kit gets children outside and active while introducing them to key science concepts. Once your kindergarten child has caught a variety of bugs, they can make observations about each one and use the internet to figure out each bug type. This kit comes with everything children need to catch and observe their bugs – including a pop-up observation area that allows children to trap and release bugs without harming them! 

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STEM Jelly Bean Structures

Using toothpicks and Jelly Beans, children will become engineers as they build their own Jelly Bean structures. This will introduce them to the Engineering Design Process (EDP), which is commonly used by engineers during their builds and testing. During this lesson, encourage students to learn from their previous builds and errors to create stronger, more creative designs. 

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Lakeshore Create-A-Path Magnetic Center

The Create-A-Path Magnetic Center comes with everything children need to build and play with their STEM toy. Through building, testing, and reconfiguring their magnetic pathways, children are strengthening their STEM literacy and 21st century skills. Since this kit is reusable, it makes a great gift for kindergarten students or classroom teachers looking to reuse STEM materials over multiple years. 

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