17 STEM Games and Toys for Kids Ages 2-9

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) games and toys are an effective way to get kids engaged in STEM in the classroom, after school, during breaks, and on the weekends. There are a variety of different STEM games and STEM toys for children based on their age, interests, and current skill level. 

In this article, STEM Sports® introduces 17 STEM games and toys that will get children excited about STEM, improve their STEM literacy, and set them up for success during STEM lessons.

Best STEM Games for 2 year olds

Skoolzy Peg Stacking Toys

Skoolzy Peg Stacking Toys turn your child into an engineer and exercise their problem-solving skills when building with puzzle building blocks. They come in twelve (12) different colors and shapes to introduce your young child to a variety of different core education concepts and improve their dexterity. 


  • This starter STEM toy introduces children to engineering skills and 21st century learning skills early in the educational process.
  • Stacking toys keeps children engaged for hours with something beneficial to their brain development.


  • Children should have parental supervision when playing with this toy. With its small parts, this could be a choking hazard if not played with properly. 
  • There are reviews about the durability of the foam-base included with this toy. When using, ensure your child is using the base for its intended purpose to avoid rips, cracks, or breaks. 


Jasonwell Aqua Doodle Mat

The Jasonwell Aqua Doodle Mat is a great STEAM toy for 2 year olds. When interacting with the doodle mat, children use their imagination and scientific thinking skills to create art with magic pens. By teaching children to think outside the box at a young age, we are setting them up for success later in their education when they will need to be innovative when looking for solutions.


  • This toy introduces many of the core skills needed for success in STEM. 
  • The doodle mat can be reused and is easily stored.


  • The markers can mold if not properly stored. Parents should check the pens before children begin playing.

Best STEM Games of 3 year olds

Code & Go Mouse Set

Using the Code & Go Mouse Set, children are introduced to coding to think like a programmer. Children program their mouse and help it navigate through a maze. This activity teaches problem solving skills, critical thinking, and technology literacy. 


  • Exercises children’s minds and introduces them to complex topics they will continue to learn about throughout their education.


  • Children will need parent assistance when setting up their equipment and getting the mouse ready to use. 

Number Train Building Set

The Number Train Building Set turns children into an engineer by building the train that includes ten cars and three different wagons. This activity can be used to teach children how to count up to ten. If your child is advancing quickly, you can introduce counting backward as they take apart their train. 


  • Introduces key math and engineering concepts to students. 
  • This toy teaches counting in a fun, hands-on way. 


  • This set includes small pieces. Parents should use caution and watch their children when playing with this toy. 

Best STEM Games for 4 year olds

Kidtastic Take Apart Toys: Dinosaurs, Helicopters, Trains, Trucks, and Motorcycles

The Kidtastic Take Apart Toys are intended for children ages 3 and up. Using these toys, children are transformed into engineers who use innovative solutions to deconstruct and rebuild their structures. 


  • Kidtastic provides a variety of different themes for its Take Apart toys. This allows you to cater to the interests of your children.
  • These can be deconstructed and reconstructed countless times. This toy is cost-effective and gives children the ability to continue using it to improve their engineering skills. 


  • Children should have parental supervision when playing with this toy. With its small parts, this could be a choking hazard if not played with properly.

Marble Run By Mindware

The Marble Run By Mindware is a great toy for children to introduce them to engineering while engaging their creativity and imagination. To start, children build their run, which can include turns and loops! Then children test how what they built impacts the marble’s speed and ability to move through the track – their first interaction with the Engineering Design Process (EDP)! 


  • Teaches children problem solving skills through the Engineering Design Process (EDP).


  • Parental supervision is advised. Marbles can be a choking hazard for young children and animals. 
  • The base can be difficult to build. Parents should help children create a solid foundation before they start creating their track.

Best STEM Games for 5 year olds

Light Up Terrarium Kit

Children will create their own natural environment within their terrarium kit. Over time, children will see their ecosystem progress and grow, teaching them key science concepts. 


  • This product has been accredited by STEM.org. This means it has been evaluated and authenticated to meet the highest standards of STEM learning for kids. 


  • This is a long term project that will require parental assistance to sustain and grow the ecosystem. Remind your child to be patient and they will see the amazing benefits of growing inside their terrarium!

CozyBomB Monkey Balancing Counting Tool

The CozyBomB Monkey Balancing Counting Tool introduces 5 year olds to counting in a fun, engaging way. This toy has multiple levels, which allows children to continue playing with their toy as their skills improve. 


  • This hands-on approach to math learning will increase child engagement and retention.
  • This counting tool helps children improve their memory, attention and executive functions, and spatial processing. 


  • This toy requires adult assistance. Children will need help adding monkeys to the tray before starting their counting exercises. 
  • Reviews on this product note that it can be easily tipped over. It may be beneficial to purchase suction cups or an apparatus to stabilize the toy while children are playing/learning. 

Best STEM Games for 6 year olds

Osmo- Genius Starter Kit

The Genius Starter Kit is a tablet extension that includes games for kids to improve their math skills. This learning through play approach also teaches children problem solving skills and technology literacy. 


  • The Genius Starter Kit has varying levels of difficulty. This allows children to continue using it for many years. It is targeted for ages 6-10 children and can be shared between siblings. 
  • Teaches 21st century skills and strengthens math comprehension.


  • This game is priced at $99.99 and requires your child to already have access to a Fire Tablet. 


Magna-Tiles® offers a variety of different sets depending on budget and age of the child. This STEAM activity allows children to exercise their creativity and practice their engineering skills. This toy is reusable and gives children the freedom to take apart and rebuild their structures. 


  • Introduces children to the Engineering Design Process (EDP) where they will use problem solving and creative thinking skills to create a strong, tall structure. 


  • These toys are high quality and have a long life span. They are priced at over $100 and vary depending on how many tiles you want included in the set. 

Best STEM Games for 7 year olds

Design Your Own Gumball Machine Kit

The Design your own gumball machine kit by MindWare is a fun, interactive way to introduce your child to engineering and physics. Through trial and error, your child will engineer and re-engineer their machine until the gumball makes it to the end of the track. 


  • Children learn to use the Engineering Design Process (EDP) to create a working gumball machine. If their first attempt is not successful, they will try again, learning from their previous attempt. 
  • This STEM toy introduces children to mechanical physics. 


  • This STEM toy is for children ages 6-10. Depending on the age and skill level of your child, they may need additional parental assistance to complete this STEM project.

Ooze Labs Chemistry Station Science Kit

The Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs Chemistry Station Science Experiment is a great way to introduce children to chemistry. Including a full 16-page manual, this turnkey kit gives students up to 20 hands-on lessons to improve their STEM literacy at home! 


  • This kit includes multiple lessons at a reasonable price point, making it a great option for children on a break from school (summer break, winter break, etc).


  • Parental supervision is advised to ensure students follow instructions so that all materials are used as intended. 

Best STEM Games for 8 year olds

LEGO Chain Reactions

The LEGO Chain Reactions kit comes with 80 page instructions, 33 LEGO pieces, instructions for 10 modules, 6 plastic balls, string, paper ramps, and other materials to use while building. Using this STEM toy, children can create up to ten (10) buildings with moving elements. 


  • This STEM toy includes comprehensive directions to explain the capabilities of the lesson. 
  • Children can use this toy multiple times. There is not one ‘correct’ way to build, so they can try new materials and approaches every time. 


  • Parents or older siblings will need to assemble some key parts prior to children building their models. 
  • Some reviews noted that additional add-ons are needed for this toy. Depending on skill level, children may want/need additional blocks and materials when building their towers.

National Geographic Volcano Science Kit

The National Geographic Volcano Science Kit includes all necessary materials for your 8 year old to create their own active volcano. This science experiment will introduce children to chemical reactions, providing a real-world example of how science concepts connect to the world around them.  


  • This product is turnkey and does not require any additional materials.
  • This is one of many National Geographic science kits. If your child loves making their volcano erupt, consider purchasing others in the set! 


  • There are small pieces included in this set. Please use caution if there are younger children or pets around during this lesson. 
  • This kit does not include any protective eyewear for kids. While none of the materials are toxic, it is still recommended that children use proper safety measures when conducting this experiment.

Best STEM Games for 9 year olds

STEM Sports® - STEM Golf

STEM Sports® offers K-8 STEM curricula that uses sports to facilitate STEM learning. In STEM Golf, grade 3-5 students use golf to work through eight (8) science, technology, engineering, and math lessons. 


  • All STEM Sports® kits are turnkey. No additional materials are required to implement in the classroom, at home, during afterschool programs, or in summer camps. 
  • STEM Sports® lessons include pre and post assessments to help educators gauge and track student comprehension and success. 
  • Each lesson includes STEM jobs in Sports to apply the concept the child is learning. 

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