5+ Best STEM Engineering Kits for High School Students

Implementing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in a kid’s education is crucial to their success throughout schooling and their future. STEM teaches key learnings and skills applicable across various jobs and in daily life. As parents and educators, it is our job to find fun, engaging ways to facilitate STEM learning. This can be especially difficult at the high school level when kids have already decided which subjects they are interested in and which they find more challenging. 

Despite the possible difficulties involved in engaging high school students in STEM, these years are essential to their futures and pertinent they are engaging in quality STEM lessons. In this article, STEM Sports® has curated a list of the top STEM engineering kits for high school-aged students. These kits and materials can be used in the classroom or at home to get students interested in engineering and thinking critically about their futures. You will notice each of these kits introduces kids to a possible job in STEM – This is done purposefully. At STEM Sports®, we believe introducing kids to potential jobs in STEM increases their retention of the lesson, shows them WHY they are learning something, and gives them real world examples of where/how these skills are executed.

STEM Kit 1: Engineering for Teens - A Beginners Book for Aspiring Engineers

If your kid is interested in learning more about engineering and the possible career paths, the Engineering for Teens book for aspiring engineers is the perfect option. This book touches on crucial engineering topics, connects to real-world examples, and introduces kids to jobs that use engineering skills. While this book is not a hands-on STEM kit, it does pose questions to kids to get them thinking critically about problems, as well as introducing them to the engineering design process (EDP). This is the perfect option for a kid just starting out in engineering or a bookworm who is always looking for new topics to learn! 

Price: $11.05

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STEM Kit 2: Thames & Kosmos Structural Engineering Bridges and Skyscrapers Kit

The Thames & Kosmos Structural Engineering Bridges and Skyscrapers Kit is a fun, easy way to implement engineering at home or in the classroom. The kit includes all materials needed to facilitate the lesson; however, it does require that people supply their own household materials. Using the various bridge and skyscraper pieces, kids are tasked with creating their own functional city based on their imagination. This kit is reusable and allows kids to use the engineering design process (EDP) to continue to take apart by rebuilding their bridges and skyscrapers based on their observations. 

Price: $44.90

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STEM Kit 3: Creation Crate Bluetooth Speaker

Have you ever wondered how your phone connects to Bluetooth? Using the Creation Crate Bluetooth Speaker kit, kids will explore technology and engineering in this hands-on lesson that teaches the why and how behind Bluetooth. Throughout this lesson, kids will step into an engineer’s shoes and use programming to create their own Bluetooth connection. This kit is great because it uses hands-on cross-curricular teaching methods to improve STEM literacy to get kids excited about a possible job in the technology industry.

Price: $49.99 

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STEM Kit 4: Toybox Starter Bundle

The Toybox Starter Bundle introduces kids to the world of 3D printing with this hands-on activity that can be used over and over again. This one-touch technology allows kids to print items in real-time and see the power of the rapidly changing technology landscape. When using this item, pose questions about how it was created, its current purpose, and how society could use it in the future. This item presents a unique opportunity for parents and educators to talk to kids about the possibilities of technology and why STEM is important to society. This may spark interest in your high school student to pursue a career in engineering or technology! Do not let the price tag scare you – this STEM toy is fun and provides shock value to the whole family!

Price: $419.00

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STEM Kit 5: Kids Making Sense AQ-go PM Sensors - Air Quality Kits

This Kids Making Sense AQ-go PM Sensors Air Quality Kit introduces kids to STEM in a unique, hands-on way. Using their PM sensor, kids will explore air quality and learn more about how these measurements are taken. This sensor integrates with smartphones and can be used on the go. Kids will start to learn more about the world around them, the impact of global warming, and how engineers are working to combat these issues. This engineering kit will spark interest in current issues, engineering, and technology. 

Price: $160.00

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STEM Kit 6: Kiwi Crate Mechanics (3 Pack)

The Kiwi Crate Mechanics kit includes three unique STEM lessons that will introduce kids to various engineering lessons. Each of these lessons is turnkey and requires no additional materials to implement. This makes it perfect for classrooms, afterschool programs, homeschooling, or home lessons. The lessons are coding and robotics, solar system, and pinball machines. This wide variety of topics allows kids to explore their interests and possibly find a new passion! It is also an opportunity for parents and educators to talk about future careers and degrees connected to these engaging STEM lessons. 

Price: $72.95 

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STEM Kit 7: Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Fuel Cell Car Science Kit

The Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Fuel Cell Car Science Kit encourages future scientists to think critically and troubleshoot real-world problems. Throughout this lesson, they will build their own car and use chemical reactions to create a working engine that causes the car to move across the floor.  This kit includes an instruction manual for facilitators, an experiment guide for kids, and PEM Fuel Car. If your child is interested in engineering or science, this is a great kit to further their understanding and knowledge in these areas. It is also a great resource to use for parents or educators to engage kids who are not typically interested in STEM. Using cars as the main topic of the lesson, there is an opportunity to engage kids who may have a different set of interests. Who knows, this could be the STEM activity that gets the car-obsessed teen excited about engineering and science! 

Price: $185.37

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STEM Kit 8: Renewable Energy Kit for Kids

One of the best things about facilitating STEM learning is the ability to connect lessons to relevant and useful topics in society and the world. The Renewable Energy kit comes with everything needed to create an energy plant at home or in the classroom. Kids will use hydrogen fuel cells, solar energy, wind turbines, and water electrolysis to power their projects throughout the activity. With the wide range of learning opportunities in this project, this can be reused and/or done over a period of time. 

Price: $389.95

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