STEM Sports Digital Tools

Now more than ever, educators are seeking curricula that are scalable and flexible to administer virtually, if or when students are not present in the classroom. As providers of standards-aligned K through 8 curricula, STEM Sports® has adapted to create ease for all educators! All lessons and modules now have digital tools for use on Zoom, Google Classroom, Skype and other digital platforms. We supply:

  • Powerpoint Decks
  • Digital Worksheets (with keys)
  •  Pre-and-Post-Assessments 

Our 5E approach to instruction is designed to maximize each student’s involvement in their learning, regardless of if they are in the classroom or learning remotely from home. The 5E steps of Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate and STEM Sports®’ sixth “E”, Extend, all support inquiry-based and active learning. This allows students to make their own discoveries while processing and absorbing STEM knowledge and skills without the needs of a traditional lecture. The STEM Sports lesson sequence is beneficial to homeroom, science, STEM, and PE teachers, coaches and after-school staff. Training or professional development is not a prerequisite to teach our curricula.

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