The benefits of using sport as a facilitator of STEM – both in the classroom and at-home

STEM & Sports

The emphasis on STEM education has gained traction in recent years and it does not show any signs of slowing down. With the constantly changing world and the STEM workforce’s growth rates, the need for skilled and experienced individuals in science, technology, engineering, and math is the highest it has ever been. In order to get students ready for STEM jobs, we, as educators, have to give them access to quality, meaningful STEM education opportunities. By exposing children to STEM at a young age, we are creating familiarity, confidence, and passion around this field. All-Stars are needed in all facets of STEM-based jobs and we’re in the game to make that happen with a new product line. Read on.

Over the years, there have been various shifts in teaching styles. This includes the incorporation of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and K-12 Physical Education Standards. These transitions also include concepts such as:

– 21st-century learning methods

– Hands-on learning

– Learning through play via disguised or stealth learning

At STEM Sports®, we are committed to following and adapting to these changes in the education space. With that idea in mind, we created a unique combination of STEM and sport.

Why this combination?

Give a child a ball and they will instinctually see how far they can throw it, without even a second thought! Sports are a familiar concept to many children, which makes the idea of complex STEM concepts less scary. This gives kids confidence going into each lesson; AND, it is fun! Each lesson uses real-life sports situations to show, not tell, students. Active play is a key component of what we offer.

The Versatility of the STEM and Sport Combination

Not all children learn in the same ways. Many times, you hear about the three forms of learning: seeing, hearing, and doing. There is also an aspect that we have seen come into play in almost every classroom – the traditional learner and the reluctant learner. Our curricula cater to every kind!

For the ‘athlete’ who loves sports and hates school- they get to play sports! This will increase their engagement and, through disguised learning, teaches them STEM!

For the ‘bookworm’ who loves to learn- they are engaging with science, technology, engineering, and math! The STEM Sports® curricula get them physically active and introduce them to the world of sports.

The above are just two of the many ways that the STEM and sports combination can have a positive impact on each individual child as well as a classroom or after-school program’s morale.

Learning At-Home

At-home learning is a concept that has been amplified by the COVID-19 Pandemic and the school closures that resulted from this. However, bringing education home is something that is beneficial anytime! It is a great way to avoid the summer slump, lulls during winter break, or in a home-school environment.

STEM Sports® has created options that are easily implemented at home! This was done in order to give children access to standards-based curricula outside of the classroom. Parents can feel confident knowing that their child is working on concepts that will help them excel in their courses and throughout their continuing education. All of this while staying physically active!

Physical Activity in Education

Physical Education is often the most overlooked. This does not mean that it is less important! Physical health is arguably just as important to a child’s wellbeing as their mental health. The Hechinger Report talks about how PE teachers are tackling the physical learning loss in students. Their article talks about evidence of how physical activity leads to improved performance in the classroom and reconfirms that the physically active child is a better student!

STEM Sports® has always advocated for keeping children physically active. That is why the majority of our lessons incorporate hands-on learning! By getting children physically active during each lesson, we are improving their comprehension and retention of the concepts they are learning. That is a win-win! Children are able to stay physically active while also seeing improvements in their STEM knowledge. And, the next time they engage with a sport, either through hearing, seeing, or doing, they’ll remember their STEM and sports educational interactions.

STEM Sports® All-Star Kit

The newest addition to the STEM Sports® curricula offerings is the STEM Sports® All-Star Kit. This curriculum is designed to help your child unbox their inner champion!

The All-Star Kit subscription brings STEM education home with hands-on learning, physical activity, and minimal screen time. Our self-guided lessons introduce the science behind the sports kids love and they’re going to love receiving their own kit each month.

Over the course of five months, children will receive a different box with sports equipment, science supplies, and a lesson manual to help them navigate complex STEM concepts.

– Month 1: STEM Basketball

– Month 2: STEM Football

– Month 3: STEM Soccer

– Month 4: STEM Volleyball

– Month 5: Multi-Sport/Fitness Bonus Box

To ensure students are focused and learning grade-appropriate concepts and standards, the subscription’s curricula are available and differentiated into two grade bands: 3-5 and 6-8.

If you are interested in purchasing the All-Star Kit subscription, click here.

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