Why is STEM Learning Important in the World?

In the Science of Basketball blog, we speak to and acknowledge the importance of “Mindfulness Matters” for Why we do what we do? at STEM Sports®. This importance is simple: Equip our educators with standards-aligned supplemental curricula to ensure students benefit from the following: Approximately 85% of STEM Jobs anticipated for the year 2030 have…

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What’s More Important for Sports: Mind or Body?

There is no shortage of insight and acuity on this subject, yet one with a similar message and tone: Sports and/or physical activity benefit both mind and body. However, does one supersede the other from a physical v. mental standpoint? Or are they one in the same physiologically? The STEM Sports® supplemental curriculum examines and…

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Reimagining the Student-Teacher Relationship

By Donovan Burriss and Kasey Kaler Every kid needs a champion. Someone they can look up to and think, “wow, I want to be just like them when I grow up.” While it might not always be that obvious, it is evident the massive impact that we can have on children. Dr. James P. Comer…

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Girls in STEM: Building Motivation and Competence through Sport

By Donovan Burriss and Kasey Kaler The workforce of professionals concentrated in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is imperative to the expansion and innovation of America’s global competitiveness. Today, females are largely underrepresented in the STEM workforce and hold less than 25% of STEM professions (particularly engineering). Per the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics…

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From Plants to Project-Based Learning; Building the Foundation for STEM Sports

By Donovan Burriss on June 26, 2018 At the onset, I prompted this question to my 3rd-6th graders, “can you guys tell me what you think STEM is?” Here are some of my favorite answers. “Stem is a part of a flower!” said one 4th grade student. “Isn’t Stem like a plant?” said a 5th-grader….

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Creating Visionary Students; The Lasting Impact of STEM and Sports Applications

By Donovon Burriss on June 13, 2018 Traditionally, science and math classes have not been courses of interest for our youth because they do not hold practical applications for the typical child. The lack of these programs for elementary and middle school-aged students is a precursor to a phenomenon taking place at the collegiate level…